Custom Build

Care, expertise, and attention to details.

During the construction phase of a custom home build at Dave Parish Custom Homes, we follow a structured process, consisting of several essential steps to bring your dream home to life. Our journey begins with pre-construction preparations, followed by the critical phases of excavation and foundation work. From there, we move on to house framing and roof installation, ensuring the structural integrity of your future haven. Next, our skilled team handles the intricate aspects of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installations, seamlessly integrating modern technology into your living spaces.

We pay keen attention to every detail as we progress to insulation and drywall, setting the stage for interior transformations. Our team of professionals work closely with you to select the perfect paint, flooring, and interior finishes that align with your vision. Once the interior comes to life, we shift our focus to exterior finishes and landscaping and outdoor living, making sure your home's curb appeal is as impressive as its interiors.

Before we hand over the keys, we do a thorough walk-through with you, ensuring every aspect meets our high standards of craftsmanship, as well as yours. The duration of each step may vary, but our commitment to excellence remains constant throughout the journey. Trust Dave Parish Custom Homes to build your dream home, step by step, with care and expertise.

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