A Father And Son Story

The story of Dave Parish Custom Homes is a father and son story, and a family story.

Dave and Dick Parish (Then)Dave Parish's father, Dick Parish, was one of the original founders of P&W Building, which began building homes in 1972. Dave was inspired by his father to enter the home-building industry when he was just a teenager. During those early years, Dave learned much of what he knows today about home building, running a business, and treating people, from his Dad. He also grew to have a passion for custom building, and creating homes that truly make a difference in people's lives. 

Dave and Dick Parish (Now)Dick eventually partnered with his son to build one of the most successful custom home design and build companies in all of Central Indiana. Their company eventually changed its name to Dave Parish Custom Homes, but they continued the values that have made them successful: quality and service, roots in faith, a process customized for each client, and personal relationships.

Years later, Dave Parish is an award-winning custom home builder who says that his ultimate goal is happiness, which is achieved through friends, family, and faith.

Like father, like son!

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